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Accessories, Platinum Series

Foxcom’s Coarse Wavelength-Division Multiplexer (CWDM) can combine up to 8 fiber outputs from Foxcom fiberoptic transmitters into one single fiber. Each transmitter transmits on a different optical wavelength. CWDM technology uses ITU standard 20 nm spacing between the wavelengths, from 1470 nm to 1610 nm.

Foxcom’s 10/100 Base Ethernet card brings fast Ethernet capability to the Foxcom’s Sat‑Light/Platinum systems. Using only one single-mode optical fiber, the unit transmits either 10Base or 100Base data over distances up to 40 kilometers*.

The Sat-Light/Platinum WDM PL7635  multiplexes and de-multiplexes 1310 nm and 1550 nm optical wavelengths on one single optical fiber thus allowing to transmit two different RF signals over a single fiber.

The PL7635 is also capable to combine two wavelengths in opposite directions to create bi-directional communications over a single fiber.


Use Sat-Light/Platinum's Two-way optical splitter PL7602 to combine or split optical signals.


The PL-7622 is a high performances, passive, 2way L-Band RF splitter/combiner.


The PL-7622 supports dual port DC passing capabilities, needed for a redundant LNB powering configuration.

The PL7641 5-10MHz/L-Band diplexer is a passive unit used to separate or combine 5-10MHz sine reference signals to an L-Band signal.

The PL7632 is a high performance, passive, two-way IF RF splitter / combiner.

The PL-7642 is a high performance, passive, 2way WideBand RF splitter/combiner.


The PL7642 supports dual port DC passing capabilities, needed for a redundant LNB powering configuration.

The PL7611 card provides 1:1 redundant switching for the Sat-Light/Platinum inter facility link products, including the IF and L-band  families.


The PL7630 RF Amplifiers provide the capability to integrate a pre- or post-amplifier as a part of the IFL system.

The RF Amplifier guarantees a full system solution with overall system performances over long distances.