• Hangar Repeaters

    Hangar Repeaters

    TURNKEY SATELLITE/GPS REPEATER SOLUTIONS BY GLOBAL FOXCOM THE CHALLENGE: Till now, avionics testing in a hangar required moving the aircraft outside, which was costly, time consuming and often inconvenient during all weather conditions. THE SOLUTION: Global Foxcom’s repeater solution re-radiates satellite/GPS signals indoors, eliminating the need to pull the aircraft out of the hangar for a…

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  • Satellite Communications

    Satellite Communications

    Major satellite operators, teleports and broadcast facilities around the world use Global Foxcom fiber optic links to connect between their antennas and their control rooms. We offer a full range of Wideband, L-Band, IF and C, X and Ku Band frequencies, including a host of accessories for high performance satellite transmission and RF monitoring and…

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  • Satcom and GPS Repeaters

    Satcom and GPS Repeaters

    Challenge: In places where there is no terrestrial infrastructure, satellite phones fill the gap. Typically, this requires line-of-sight to a satellite. What happens when the satphone user needs connectivity underground or indoors, and stepping outside to make the call is not an option? Solution: Global Foxcom’s unique Iridium and GPS repeater solution enables transmission of Satphone and GPS…

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  • Satellite TV Distribution

    Satellite TV Distribution

    Global Foxcom understands the challenges and expectations of your commercial video business. Whether it’s Fiber–to-the–Home, –Curb or –Node, your customers demand quality of service. From our time-tested, rack–mount equipment to our new, easy–to–deploy Compact Series, Global Foxcom has the best solution for you. Global Foxcom’s fiber–distribution systems have been deployed in the following architectures as…

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  • Military Communications

    Military Communications

    Global Foxcom fiber optic links are used around the world on numerous different military platforms, whether fixed applications or mobile, land-based, airborne or maritime. Global Foxcom has Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) solutions for both indoor and outdoor scenarios for applications that include: VHF/UHF Tactical Radio Optical Extenders & Repeaters Optical links for Satellite Earth Station up to 18GHz 10MHz…

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