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Innovation that takes you the Extra Mile

Whether your antenna is civilian or military, fixed or mobile, land-based or airborne, we have a solution for you. Since 1993 Global Foxcom has been at the forefront of delivering innovative and cost effective RF and optical links and repeaters to a wide range of civilian and military customers around the globe.



Our products contain built-in circuitry for easy setup. No RF test equipment required.


Used reliably at major teleports for over 20 years.
Set & forget!


You’ll receive dedicated RF solution that meets your specifications.

Case Studies

Satellite Communication


To provide multi-channel, single fiber, RF-linkage to a remotely located diversity site.


Global Foxcom’s RF-over-Fiber (RFoF) Platinum series was deployed to transfer satellite signals to a mirrored teleport site.

Iridium Repeaters


To provide satellite phone line channels for a utility company that wanted a backup phone system.


Global Foxcom’s RF-over-Fiber (RFoF) Iridium link system was installed to provide a signal for a fixed Iridium station. The Iridium lines were connected to the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) switchboard, which enabled any user to punch a code and access a secure satellite phone line.

Satellite TV Distribution


Garden style complex comprised of 48 buildings required an upgrade of their DirecTV system to accommodate state-of the-art programming improvements. 


Upgrade to the basic BsmarTV system, which consisted of 5-channel fiber-optic transmitters and receivers with unlimited bandwidth for future requirements.

Military and Defense


To provide a lightweight, compact, mobile, VSAT RF optic extension solution using a single fiber (RFoF).


Global Foxcom designed a solution that is easy to transport and deploy in the field. The new DIVN / COVN L-Band solution enables remote dish placement that military personnel can access from a safe location.

About RF Over Fiber 


  • Fiber can transmit signals over distances of 100km without signal degradation
  • It is lightweight, flexible and has less optical loss than coax cables
  • It has unlimited bandwidth
  • Fiber does not conduct electricity so it cannot be damaged during electrical / lightning storms
  • Tapping cannot occur because there are no optical leakages
  • It is the most cost effective material for transporting signals

Applications of digital, cable, TV, and commercial signals distribution:

  • Satellite earth stations and teleports
  • Broadcast Facilities
  • Sport Stadiums
  • High-Rise building and hotels
  • Campuses
  • Shopping malls
  • Airport and railway stations
  • Gated communities