Video Tutorials

  • About Global Foxcom

    Learn about Global Foxcom’s multi-channel RF over Fiber transport solution.

  • Installation of Iridium and GPS optical repeaters

    This video explains how to install Iridium and GPS optical repeaters and the basic functionality of the system. The repeaters enable transmission of Iridium and GPS signals from outdoor to indoor.

  • Satellite/GPS Repeater Solution for Hangars

    Repeater solutions delivering GPS, Iridium and Inmarsat signals inside any size hangar or large facility.

  • Iridium Hangar Repeater

    Provides a unique Iridium and GPS optical repeater solution for coverage extension inside aircraft hangars.

  • Why RF over Fiber (RFoF)?

    A video describing the many advantages in using Fiber optic cables for Radio signal transportation.

  • Introduction to Global Foxcom Platinum Series and Platinum Interfacility Links

    Description of Platinum Sat-Light Series with an emphasis on the RF-over-Fiber links

  • VHF / UHF Military Radio Links Aerostat System

    This video shows Global Foxcom’s VHF/UHF Aerostate RF over fiber (RFoF) radio coverage solution and its lightweight antenna.

  • Demonstration on how RF signals can be transmitted over single-mode fiber (RFoF)

    Informative and easy to understand demonstration on how RF signals can be transmitted over single-mode fiber.

  • Platinum 100Km DWDM Demonstration

    This video discusses the Global Foxcom Platinum DWDM product, which can be deployed in Satellite, Broadcast and Military applications where a diversity site is required. Informative and easy to understand demonstration on how L-Band signals can be transmitted over 100Km single-mode fiber.

  • Introduction to Sat-Light

    This video discusses the Global Foxcom Sat-Light product line, which can be deployed in diverse applications

    •  Satellite and broadcast
    •  Maritime communications
    •  VSAT hubs and terminals
    •  Military solutions
    •  Radio astronomy
  • Introduction to the Platinum Sat-Light IMizer Product

    Introduction to the Platinum Sat-Light IMizer Product

  • 4005 ODU

    This informational video describes the functionality and installation of the Global Foxcom 4005 Outdoor Unit, which has either commercial or military applications