Wideband DWDM Transmitter | PL7440DT

Features & Benefits

  • Supports 10mW High power CWDM and DWDM butterfly-type lasers
  • Wideband: 10–3000 MHz
  • Powerful management capabilites via a front panel LCD and rack mounted SNMP
  • User control and setting of required IMD level
  • Variety of RF and optical connectors


Global Foxcom’s Platinum PL7440DT DWDM Wideband Transmitter is designed to meet the increasing demand for superior long-distance transmission with High CNR. With high RF input power and wide dynamic range, the Transmitter is designed to provide full specification service up to a full 32 dB optical budget with the PL7220R25 receiver. Utilizing Foxcom’s DigiRF technology, the user has full control of all-important functions for setup, operation, and analysis via the front panel LCD or via the associated subrack SNMP capability.


Each low profile individual transmitter or receiver can be “hot swapped” in the subrack chassis maintaining a best subsystem uptime capability. Each module contains an individual processor to maximize specification performance at all times under demanding user applications.


The PL7440DT transmitter is a compatible Platinum chassis mounted device. The associated Platinum chassis, model PL7010, has 12 active slots, one main control processor (MCP) slot and two redundant power supplies. No fans are required even under full subrack loading and full LNB powering.

RF Specification Value
Frequency Range – Bandwidth 10 – 3000 MHz
Amplitude Response @ Unity Gain ±2 dB
Noise Figure 20 dB
Output IP3 (OIP3) -5 dBm
Input Signal Range – Total Power 0 to -50 dBm
Optical Specifications
Optical Budget / Distance 1310nm 1550nm Depends on receiver sensitivity

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