Outdoor Unit for Fiber Optic Interfacility Links | G4000

Features & Benefits

  • IP 64 Outdoor Enclosure compatible with Sat-Light indoor modules
  • Optional tactical version 4004
  • Single power supply (Dual PS optional)
  • Can be loaded with up to 4 optical TX / RX Sat-Light Cards
  • Internally pre-connectorized with Global Foxcom passive RF and optical components
  • Optional intelligent redundancy RF switch
  • LNB powering


The Global Foxcom G4000 series Outdoor Unit (ODU) is an advanced modular outdoor enclosure system providing weatherproof protection for any combination of Global Foxcom Fiber Optic Interfacility Links. Global Foxcom’s ODU solution eliminates the need for environment-controlled shelters and enables seamless transmission of multiple RF and Data signals between the antenna and indoor control room.

The G4000 series ODU can accommodate up to four (4) hot swappable, field upgradable RF optical modules. A variety of passive optical and RF components can be integrated into the enclosure. Other features include 1:1 redundancy, auto/manual gain control, LNB powering and SNMP based monitor and control. The ODU is available with single hot swappable power supplies. (Dual PS option is available.) LED indicators are provided on the ODU for power supply status.

The G4000 aluminum enclosure provides IP65 protection and is provided with an AC connector cable kit. The G4000 replaces Global Foxcom’s previous G4005 ODU.

RF Specification Value
Enclosure Capacity Up to 4 hot-swappable, field-upgradable modules
Enclosure Size 33x24x9.5cm
ODU Color Gray for 4000 | Olive for 4004 (Optional Cream)
Optical Connector Qty 4 for 4000/4004 (Tactical)
Input Power 90 to 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 Amp (max)
Power Consumption 40 Watts
Dust and Water Protection IP65 on 4000 | IP67 4004

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