3 RU Chassis and Power Supply | 7180M

Features & Benefits

  • 3 RU 19’’ rack mount chassis with 8 “hot swap” capacities
  • Chassis includes an integrated power supply and capacity for a redundant supply
  • Switching power supplies
  • Standalone power supply for applications without a rack
  • High MTBF (fanless power supply)


Global Foxcom provides both chassis and standalone power supplies to be used with its Satcom fiber optic Interfacility Links (IFL). The chassis supports 8 cards, incorporating “hot swap” capabilities. The 7180M chassis uses the 7001P switching supply.

The chassis is a standard 19 inch, 3U configuration. The chassis contains two slots located on the right side for power supplies. The standard chassis is supplied with a single power supply. An additional power supply for redundancy is optional. Each power supply is provided with a separate AC input, enabling use from different main sources.

The chassis utilizes a rigid back plane design providing a stable platform for the mounting of Global Foxcom IFL products. Outputs for control and monitoring are accessible via 25-pin D – connectors. The back plane design also allows for the use of an optional relay adaptor in cases where dry contact closures, versus the standard TTL open collector outputs, are preferable.

Where a chassis is not required or feasible, Global Foxcom provides a compact standalone power supply, capable of powering any Global Foxcom IFL product.

RF Specification Value
Dimensions 19” W x 5.25” H x 7” D
Chassis Capacity 8 plug-ins
Operating temperature -10º to 60º C
Storage temperature -40º to 85º C

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