Fiber Optic Data Transceiver | Model 7050

Features & Benefits

  • Supports up to five bi-directional channels
  • High bit rate uni-directional channel available
  • Supports RS232/RS422/RS485 serial communication standards
  • Enables local and remote system Monitoring and Control (M&C)
  • Enables transferring Service Requested (SRQ) alarms from remote site to the Hub
  • Up to 19.2 Kbps data rate per channel
  • Very low Bit Error Rate (BER)


Model 7050 is a complete duplex fiberoptic link for data transmission. The Model 7050 Fiberoptic Data Transceiver provides the capability to Monitor and Control (M&C) on-site communication equipment such as testing and measuring equipment, redundancy switches, antenna pedestals, broadcast equipment, etc. With the Model 7050 you can easily locate problems and choose pre-determined solutions.

The Model 7050 can have up to five asynchronous bi-directional serial communication channels. In addition, the Model 7050 may be used for long distance asynchronous bi-directional serial communication, allowing remote M&C as well as transferring high rate time and frequency reference.

The Model 7050 units are connected via single mode fiberoptic cables. Two fibers are required for the serial communication and one for the high-rate reference link. Data transmission protocols such as RS-485 (standard), RS-422 and RS-232 (options) are supported. Alarms and LED’s indicating system status are provided.


RF Specification Value
Number of Serial Data Channels: 7050-1 | 7050-4 4 | 5
Serial Communication Channels Asynchronous Bi-Directional RS485 (standard)/RS422/RS232
Data Rate Serial Link 19.2 Kbps per channel
Serial Communication BER 10-7 Max
Maximum Fiber Length 10 Km
Data Connector Serial Link 9P D Type per channel (male connector)
Fiber Optic Connector FC/APC

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