Digital Link | GL75P

Features & Benefits

  • DC-30MHz Digital Link
  • Supports 1PPS time signals
  • TTL input/output power into 50 Ohm
  • 10Km transmission distance
  • Compatible with all 1st generation Sat-Light products


Sat-Light/Gold DGP Link offers a high performance, cost effective alternative to conventional coaxial, cable-based distribution systems. Sat-Light/Gold GL75-1PPS Link is designed to transfer any signal (analogue or digital) with a frequency of up to 30MHz. 1PPS as well as other sync or data signals can be transported over long distances. Global Foxcom uses a high dynamic range DFB laser and ultra-fast processing to provide minimum jitter and delay.

RF Specification Value
Frequency Range – Bandwidth DC-30MHz
Amplitude Response @ Unity Gain more than or equal to 2dB
Noise Figure 20-23 dB
Output IP3 (OIP3) +20-+30dBm
Input Signal Range – Total Power 0-5V
RF Output Signal Range – Total Power 0-5V
Optical Specifications
Optical Budget / Distance 1550 nm

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