55dB Gain RF Amplifier | PL7630

Features & Benefits

  • Covers the entire frequency of the Sat-Light/Platinum suite [10 – 3000 MHz]
  • Adjustable gain [55dB maximum] via a local LCD or a SNMP card
  • Embedded input/output RF power meter
  • High output 1dB compression point +12dBm
  • Powerful management capabilities via a front panel LCD and rack mounted SNMP


The PL7630 RF Amplifiers provide the capability to integrate a pre- or post-amplifier as a part of the IFL system.

The RF Amplifier guarantees a full system solution with overall system performances over long distances.

  • Pre-amplifier the PL7630 helps ensures a high C/N by providing the optical transmitter with sufficient RF to optimally drive the laser.
  • Post-amplifier, the PL7630 ensures a constant high signal level RF output.

The PL7630 has an integral input/output RF power meter and is fully compatible with the Global Foxcom’s Sat-light/Platinum M&C SNMP system.

RF Specification Value
Frequency Range – Bandwidth 10 – 3000MHz
Amplitude Response @ Unity Gain ±1.5
Noise Figure 5dB
Input Signal Range – Total Power None to -50dBm
RF Output Signal Range – Total Power -20dBm

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