Iridium Optical Repeater for Hangars

Features & Benefits

  • Testing can be done at any time, in any climate and in any weather when it is not possible to take aircrafts outdoors for Iridium and GPS testing
  • The direct cost and professional team time is incomparably expensive compared to the one-time purchasing price of Global Foxcom’s Iridium repeater
  • Savings on aircraft tug and technical personnel
  • Savings on heating and cooling costs in the hanger
  • Delivery time is improved because the entire testing process is faster


Global Foxcom is offering a unique, Iridium optical repeater solution for Iridium satellite phone coverage. The repeater enables transmission of Iridium signals from outdoor to indoor. This solution, which provides Iridium coverage to bunkers and aircraft hangars, saves money because there is no need to take aircrafts out and back in to hangars each time aircraft systems need to be tested.

Global Foxcom offers a full SATELLITE repeater solution for hangars, which includes a separate or integrated GPS system as well as Inmarsat. For more information, contact Global Foxcom sales.

RF Specification Value
Frequency Range – Bandwidth 1616-1626.5MHz
Noise Figure < 5dB
RF Input signal range up to –20dBm

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