Compact Solutions 6-Channel Receiver | AL6R-66

Features & Benefits

  • 6 Expanded L-band frequency inputs
  • Single SC/APC input
  • Six F-type outputs
  • Stand-alone housing
  • Low power consumption
  • Optical data connection
  • AGC circuitry
  • Plug & Play deployment


The Global Foxcom compact AL6R-66-CWDM receiver converts incoming signals from Global Foxcom’s optical AL6T-66-CWDM transmitter into 6 RF outputs. This cost-effective solution boasts a large optical input window and linear performance, enabling it to distribute up to 6 high-quality, L-Band (200-2400MHz) TV signals to multiple dwelling units. The receiver is designed with internal CWDM to provide optimum, quality satellite TV signals in point-to-multi-point applications. Optical connectors are provided for data communication using 1310 and 1490nm. The AL6R-66-CWDM compact design and low power consumption enables it to be easily integrated in any MDU environment.

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