VSAT Pro System | 4000

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized for VSAT HUB
  • Ultra Low RF loss and lightweight
  • Protection against lightning damage/ EMI & RFI
  • IP65 rated outdoor enclosure
  • Both 75 and Ohm versions
  • 10MHz Support


Global Foxcom’s new fully integrated optical 4000 VSAT Pro solution provides a professional cost effective alternative to coax cable deployments. Harnessing the superior performance of fiber optics, the optical VSAT solution meets the special needs of VSAT service providers and integrators around the globe.

The VSAT fiber optic solution is compact and flexible, making it an ideal solution for VSAT Hubs of any size. The kit consists of the 4000 series Outdoor Unit (ODU), which is outdoors, and the 7190 1RU series chassis and power supply indoor. The VSAT fiber solution provides bi-directional L-band transport and a 10MHz reference signal needed for the BUC.

The ODU is an IP65 rated enclosure with a special conformal coating added to the internal components. This special coating adds to the durability of the unit by provided extra protection from humidity and salt corrosion.

NOC’s, Hubs, and other satellite facilities deploying Global Foxcom’s VSAT solution, can now enjoy the many benefits that optical fiber has to offer, such as improved signal quality, lightning protection, safety, compatibility and ease of installation

RF Specification Value
Frequency Range – Bandwidth 950 – 2150MHz
ODU Input/IDU output VSWR 1:1.5
Noise Figure: L-Band downlink | L-Band uplink 22dB | 25dB
ODU RF input signal range [total power] for L-Band downlink -40 to -20dBm
ODU RF input signal range [total power] for L-Band uplink -25 to +5dBm
IDU RF output power [total power] within the optical budget for L-Band downlink -40 to -20 dBm (±10dB Adjustable)
IDU RF output power [total power] within the optical budget for L-Band uplink -25 to -5dBm (±10dB Adjustable)
Optical Budget / Distance 1310nm 1550nm 3dB

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