Time & Reference Distribution System

Features & Benefits

  • 10MHz Reference signal, PPS and GPS distribution over a single fiber
  • Phase free reference signal & PPS with no Jitter
  • GPS Guided Internal Oscillator in Receivers
  • Electromagnetically isolated
  • Up to 2Km of fiber


Global Foxcom’s new reference signal and time distribution system is the next step toward creating a completely synced satellite facility.


The importance of a master 10MHz main reference on satellite equipment is well known. 10MHz signals are used to sync BUC/Modem & LNB with the rest of the equipment to enable accurate modulation and demodulation when using an advanced modulation scheme. In satellite applications, 1PPS signals are usually shared to ensure accurate timing of dish tracking, which is crucial when dealing with orbiting satellites.


Global Foxcom’s RF-over-Fiber technology is the ideal solution for minimizing phase noise and jitter when transporting 10MHz and 1PPS signals from a main source to different radar sub-components.


The system is composed of a centralized transmitter, which supports up to 8 remote receivers, and offers substantial benefits, such as lower time delay, electrical isolation, decreased weight and minimized cost.


The optical receivers are GPS based and equipped with TCXO for constant operation even when the fiber cable is severed.

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