Features & Benefits

  • L-Band: 950–3000MHz
  • Up to 10Km distance
  • Wide input power suitable for both Uplink and Downlink applications
  • Powerful management capabilities via a front panel LCD and rack mounted SNMP
  • LNB power control via LCD or SNMP: +13 or 18 VDC
  • 1550nm and CWDM ITU Grid laser options for longer fiber runs and single fiber CWDM multiplexing solutions


Global Foxcom’s Platinum L-band PL7240 link performs at full capability within a 4dB optical budget. High RF input power and wide dynamic range make the link suitable for both Uplink and Downlink applications. This link includes a PL7240R4 receiver and a PL7240T  transmitter.


Utilizing Foxcom’s DigiRF technology, the user has full control of all important functions for setup, operation, and analysis via the front panel LCD or via the associated subrack SNMP capability.


In addition, IMizer, an automated adjustable link calibration embedded system enables the user to align the RF links IMD/CNR to specific linearity performances without a two-tone test. Select the desired IMD for the optical transmitter, either locally or remotely, IMizer automatically adjusts the laser drive to meet the IMD requirements. The IMizer requires the use of a correction factor table above 2.5 GHz.


Each low profile individual transmitter or receiver can be “hot swapped” in the subrack chassis maintaining a best subsystem uptime capability. Each module contains an individual processor to maximize specification performance at all times under demanding user applications.


The PL7240T  transmitters and the PL7240R4 receiver are designed for chassis mounting. The associated Platinum chassis, model PL7010, has 12 active slots, one main control processor (MCP) slot and two redundant power supplies. No fans are required even under full sub-rack loading and full LNB powering.

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