GPS Optical Link | GL7222

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized for GPS Applications
  • Selectable GPS antenna powering voltage
  • Supports both L2 & L1 GPS bands
  • 10Km Transmission Distance
  • Selectable AGC/MGC
  • Front Panel Test Port
  • Powerful Monitoring Features
  • Compatible with all 1st Generation Sat-Light Products


Global Foxcom’s Sat-Light/Gold L-Band Interfacility Link offers a high performance, cost effective alternative to conventional coaxial-cabled systems. The Gold GPS Link covers the frequency range of 1100 to 1600MHz and supporting both L1 and L2 GPS bands. The Gold Series GPS link is compatible with wide range of active GPS antenna and is equipped with voltage selectable GPS antenna powering.

The new GPS link lis compatible with first generation Sat-Light 7000 Series platform. The Gold Series support L-Band, 70/140MHz IF, Wide Band (10-2200 MHz), 10MHz Reference, Redundancy, M & C, SNMP, Ethernet, and Serial Data Communication.

The link consists of a GPS optical transmitter, which receives the RF signal from an active GPS antenna, and an optical receiver that connects to the indoor GPS receiver.

RF Specification Value
Frequency Range – Bandwidth 1100-1600MHz
Amplitude Response @ Unity Gain ±1dB
Noise Figure 22dB
Output IP3 (OIP3) 5dBm
Input Signal Range – Total Power -50dBm
RF Output Signal Range – Total Power -50dBm
Optical Specifications
Optical Budget / Distance 1310nm 1550nm 4dB (8Km | 15Km)

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