1RU Chassis | 7190M

Features & Benefits

  • 19 Inch, 1RU Chassis compatible with all Sat-Light or Sat-Light Gold modules
  • Standard Dual, Hot swappable redundant AC Power Supply
  • Accommodates up to 4 Optical Transmitters/ Receivers
  • Available preloaded with Global Foxcom Passive RF and Optical Components.


The 7190M Chassis is a standard 19” 1RU enclosure designed to be installed in equipment racks where only limited rack space is available. The 7190M chassis can be populated with any combination of up-to four, Sat-Light/Sat-Light Gold transmitters /receivers along with a variety of passive optical and RF components to provide a totally customized solution.

The 7190M Chassis is equipped with a dual hot swappable power supplies sufficient for any combination of transmitters and receivers as specified. Power to the two installed power supplies is via two separate AC connectors allowing the use of a backup power grid. Power supply LED monitoring for transmitter/receiver control is from the front panel. Discrete monitoring and alarms are accessible using a dedicated M&C connector. The 7190M chassis is field upgradable allowing the user to add future transmitters and receivers for increased capacity.

RF Specification Value
Enclosure Capacity Up to 4 units
Enclosure Size 19″ x 17.5″ x 1.75″
RF Connector F-type, SMA, BNC
Optical Connector Qty 4
Optical Connector Type FC-APC or SC-APC
Power Consumption 40 Watts Max

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