RF Amplifier | Model 2100

Features & Benefits

  • Covers the entire frequency band of Sat-Light products (10 – 2400 MHz)
  • High gain output
  • High output 1dB compression point: +15 dB
  • Unity gain for long distance transmission


The Model 2100 is 75-Ohm 30 dB amplifier with a high first order intercept point and a high power output at the 1 dB compression point. The Model 2100 covers the Sat-Light RF frequency range from 10 – 2400 MHz.

The Model 2100 RF Amplifier provides the capability to integrate a pre- or post-amplifier as a part of the IFL system. Using the Model 2100 enables a full system solution with guaranteed overall system performance over long distances. Used as a pre-amplifier the Model 2100 helps insure a high S/N. Used as a post amplifier, the Model 2100 assures a constant high signal level. Using the 2100, the RSSI can be monitored via the DC voltage.

Global Foxcom’s Sat-Light equipment is used as an Interfacility Link (IFL) in gateway sites, connecting hub equipment to remote antennas. The Model 2100 RF Amplifier is one of the RF accessories for Sat-Light products, providing a complete solution for your link.

RF Specification Value
Frequency Range – Bandwidth 10 – 200 MHz; 200 – 950 MHz; 950 – 2400 MHz
Gain 30 ± 2 dB
Noise Figure 6dB

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