• Wideband RF Splitter/Combiner | PL7642

    Wideband RF Splitter/Combiner | PL7642

    The PL-7642 is a high performance, passive, 2way WideBand RF splitter/combiner.   The PL7642 supports dual port DC passing capabilities, needed for a redundant LNB powering configuration.

  • X-Band Optical Uplink | GL952XU

    X-Band Optical Uplink | GL952XU

    Sat-Light X-Band fiber optic interfacility links transmit and receive uplink and downlink signals in the 7.25─8.4 GHz range between antennas and control rooms or NOCs. Global Foxcom’s IFLs offer a high performance alternative to conventional coaxial-cabled systems, reducing the need for wave-guide and minimizing signal attenuation.   The Sat-Light IFLs function as a transparent link, […]