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Foxcom broke its own record this time by transmitting L-band and 70MHz IF signals at a distance of 110km without amplifiers or repeaters along the way. CNR Performances achieved by the system were above 41dB @ 36MHz BW.


Foxcom delivered 70 MHz uplink signals from the IBC in Panyu district to China Telecom’s Guangdong Earth Station. L-band downlink signals were transmitted back to the IBC for monitoring purposes. Foxcom’s next generation Sat-Light /Platinum™ series was deployed with a super high power laser in order to meet the stringent needs of the customer.

Foxcom, a division of OnePath Networks announces New BsmarTV Compact Kits for FTTX Deployments

Foxcom announced today the release of its VSAT-Light line of products. The VSAT-Light line of products enables standard VSAT terminals to deploy fiber optic cable rather than traditional high loss coaxial cable between the VSAT outdoor unit and indoor modem.


Foxcom, a Division of OnePath Networks, Inc, announced today the release of its new 1Gpbs Ethernet embedded data add-on option [DMC] for the BsmarTVAL5R series of receivers.DBS system operators now have a complete triple play solution for MDU, gated communities and FTTx deployments.


Israel-based Foxcom, a Division of OnePath Networks, has entered the South African telecommunications market establishing its operation in Durban.


The announcement was made in Johannesburg last night at an event hosted by Jack Hotz, Foxcom's CEO,  for its distributors, vendors and partners.


Convergence is no longer a trend, but a reality. This convergence of  the computing, telecommunications, and audiovisual industries has, simultaneously, impacted on both the demand side and the supply-side development of  the satellite communications industry. Service providers, equipment vendors and end-users are directly affected by the changes in network topology, product development and company business strategy. The consequences of  these changes have been so profound that I doubt they were anticipated when “convergence” was first conceived.

Residents of two new housing estates in Orewa and near Huka Falls could be among the first to experience the true potential of fibre-to-the-home.
A new leading edge high performance fiber optic product line produced by Foxcom will be introduced at the Satellite 2008 show in Washington DC, February 2008.

LAS VEGAS, NV – Foxcom, A Division of OnePath Networks, Inc., introduced today at the FTTH Conference and Expo their new Series 810 FTTx 1550 nm directly modulated Fiber Optic Transmitter.

Foxcom Inc. has extended the warranty on all Sat-Light products to two years. Sat-Light customers are now covered for up to two years from the date of purchase for their products, providing peace of mind and protection for their investment. This warranty change applies to Sat-Light products purchased after January 1, 2005.